Thank You and Good Bye from X-Dengue…

As a result of our families and friends suffering from Dengue fever in 2011, we burned the midnight oil in our spare time.

Our goal was to build a system to send personalised Dengue cluster alerts through SMS and a mobile app to warn you and your loved ones when Dengue is close by.

Thank you! The great feedback we have received from you gave us the drive to continue developing features and performing the Dengue cluster daily updates, sending 1000s of messages every day.

A big thank you to the National Environment Agency (NEA) for the ongoing support to help us run the service, particularly Jane Yin Kit Wong, Derek Ho and Dr. Lee Ching Ng.

We’d also like to thank Singtel, Starhub, M1, Ericsson and Hoiio for helping to reduce our expenses on SMS messages, Zendesk for providing their brilliant customer service platform.

We are proud of what we have achieved together and we hope that we’ve helped you to stay healthy by reducing the risk of Dengue infection. We believe we also have made a difference in demonstrating how Government data can significantly impact the lives of citizens if shared personalised in real time.

It is time to say good bye. On the 31st of October the National Environment Agency (NEA) has launched their own citizen alert system. We hope that the insight we provided to the NEA over the years has helped to build an awesome, next generation alert system.

As the NEA service kicks off, we will send the last X-Dengue alert messages to you on 7th of November 2014. We’d like to encourage you to sign up to the NEA service and continue Singapore’s fight against Dengue. Please click here for info and registration to the new service.

What is the X-Dengue team up to? We have launched a new business: RocketUncle ( RocketUncle is one of South East Asia’s most promising startups, transforming inner city logistics through mobile technology. If you’re looking for same day delivery of documents or parcels, please give it a try.

Thoughts, feedback or a good bye message? We’d love to hear from you on our Facebook page or @xdengue on Twitter.

Noam Berda

Christoph Theisinger

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